This refers to utilizing ISS during projects, peak periods, and business influx.  This allows your company to buffer its core employees based on market trends and economic cycles.  Temp-to-hire staffing is when companies use the “try before you buy” concept.  It gives your company and the employee the opportunity to make an educated decision to make sure they are a good match prior to a fulltime offering.


On-site VOP Program 

A dedicated “on-site” coordinator is hired to work at your company’s site daily to insure professional interaction and satisfaction.  This service is best utilized when a company has multiple job descriptions and “start-up” requirements which could affect the inability to service effectively from a branch level. 


Pay rolling 

Pay rolling is a term used frequently, yet interpreted in many ways.  ISS’s definition of pay rolling is outsourcing a customer’s weekly payroll of its current employees.  If your company is not large enough or does not have the proper staff to deal with the administrative issues that surround payroll, take advantage of this service from ISS.  This service allows you and your company to focus on the core competencies.  When pay rolling through ISS, liability is also outsourced; therefore, ISS will house the employees on our workers’ compensation and general liability insurance policies.


Direct Hire 

Once a job order from your company is approved, ISS will simply locate candidates for the job opening, screen them, coordinate and schedule the interview, and if the candidate is selected, you will then pay a one time direct hire fee.  No payroll, no general and administrative expense, and no liability.  ISS will offer a 30 day guarantee, pro-rated should the candidate leave the company within the first 30 days.  Contractual buyouts also fall under this category.


Additional Services 

Depending on what staffing solution works best for your company, ISS will also offer your company the following: reference checking, drug screening, skills’ assessment, background screening, customized orientation programs, customized recruiting plans, paperwork completion compliance and any other customized procedures affiliated with your company and/or human resources department.